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Chaos is a Mutha's Day Special

Get 10% Off Select Chaos Products

With a minimum purchase of $100, this discount will automatically apply to all qualifying products in your shopping cart. Don't worry, I only say "select" products incase I might have missed one or two products with my selection tools when setting up this discount. I am pretty sure I got them all.

This offer can’t combine with other discounts and ends at 11:59 pm (EDT) on Monday, March 13th.


You can be the Lucky Mutha!

I found most of my chaos war band insignias have yet to be applied to many of my other products I sell. To fix that, and to have a bit of fun, I will select one customer that used this discount offer to win a special prize.

I will select a chaos war band insignia, from a products that the winner had bought, and expand their product line. This could include that insignia on shoulder and vehicle insignias, shields or weapons, conversion kits, additional armor styles, etc. Basically any of my other product files I've set up over the years to easily apply my logos to. I may even contact the winner for their input as well. The goal would be to completed the new products and have them in the store before June 1st.

When I'm finished, the winner will get $50 worth of those new products sent to them for FREE!*

I will announced the winner on or before May 17th through a direct email to the winner and on my Discord Server so, join today to be part of the fun.


*The winner will be able to select the new products they receive. An email with a special code will be sent to the winner. This code will discount an order $50+ the cost of shipping. That code will only be valid for the winner's account and for purchases of products from that war band offerings. All applicable taxes and shipping will still be applied to the order and paid by the customer if they exceed the total amount provided by the discount code. That code and offer will expire 1 calendar year after it's issued.