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Play On Tabletop Army Showcase: Shadow Vipers.

Play On Tabletop Army Showcase: Shadow Vipers.

This was an overall great experience with the team over at Playon Tabletop. You can see just what a great job they do putting together these video at the highest quality. I truly can't thank them enough.

In this video you, will get a chance to see many of my products. Not only the beautiful Shadow Vipers from Tyco, and our 2019 Adepticon Team tournement army, featuring the Vegaram Reclamation Corp., but also many other models from my Orctober-fest models to the various Saturnine terminators.

This video is worth it to check out if this is your first time on my store and want to see what my stuff looks like on a live model or if your a regular fan and just want to see some cool toys. 


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