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Deff-Rolla Weapon: Shooter (Right Side)

Original price €13,95 - Original price €14,95
Original price
€13,95 - €14,95
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“So ya want'ed dem wepinz from dat Deff-Rolla? …Well I Nicked it for ya” —Loota Polooza

These bits a meant to be used with a Deff-Rolla Kit, but can  add just the right Orc’ey feel to any Model, Vehicle or Scenery. The weapon is roughly 31 mm long, 18 mm wide and 17 mm tall.It has a cylindrical connection point that is roughtly 4mm deep, 10 mm in diameter with a 2 mm lip. 

Classic MJP is an acrylic material printed using Monkey-Jet technology, which is capable of extremely high detailed parts with a smooth finish. This technique uses wax to support the printing parts to allow for any geometry to be printed without the need of printed supports. Its color may range from amber to clear and parts can be brittle so, handle with care. This material will NOT react with Plastic Glue so, we recommend using Super Glue to adhere these parts to your models.

TufFlex MJP is another Monkey-Jet material with a smooth surface and an extremely high level of detail. However, it's formulated for improved toughness and flexibility to provide a bend-but-don't-break strategy of protection for your models. Thin parts may arrive slightly warped but, can be easily re-shaped by warming them up to be bent back into shape. This can also be an added benefit if you're looking to glue a flat logo onto a curved surface. At room temperature parts will flex but, they can be brittle at much lower temperatures. Use super glue to adhere these parts to your models.

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