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2x Cult Ottomari: Snipers

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After centuries of oppression by the imperium, the forgotten masses of Ottomar Prime have given rise to a formidable cult uprising. Devoted to the dark pantheon and aided by the heralds of the Divine Word, they have claimed dominion of their mineral-rich home and pledged it to service of the traitor legions.

This kit includes 2 Ottomari Cultist with Sniper Rifles, backpacks and multiple head options. These cultist will fill your ranks with weapon specialist ready to give you chaotic forces a unique look and powerful kick. Bases are not included.*

Sculpted by our Sanctioned Artist: KarnageKing.

Monkey Resin is a high-quality UV cured resin that will come attached to a support structure from the production process. The parts are however, pre-cleaned and ready for primer once removed. Use only super glue to adhere these parts to your models.

To remove the bits from their supports: submerge the whole assembly in water that is hot to the touch for 5 minutes. Use your fingernail to punch away several supports to create a starting point, and carefully peel your parts off of the remaining supports all together.

You can use a very fine-grit sandpaper if needed to smooth any surface or feature further. Always be sure to wear a mask when working around resin dust.

*NOTE: Pop Goes the Monkey is not affiliated with Games Workshop Group PLC or its affiliates. This product is not designed, manufactured, licensed or approved by Games Workshop Group PLC, and is not intended to include or infringe any intellectual property rights of Games Workshop Group PLC. Please see our full Terms of Service for more information.