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5x Saturnus Terminator Mk:3 Invader Squad

Original price €40,95 - Original price €42,95
Original price
€40,95 - €42,95
Current price €41,95

The Mk3 Saturnus-Pattern Terminator Armor was designed to harken back to the Darker Age of the Galactic Empire. Don't be fooled, they might look vintage, but these models will look a Primaris marine right in the eye. The torsos are one piece, with 2 pin holes under each massive shoulder pads. These are used to attach and position the weapon arms. Bases are not included.

The Invader Squad include: 5 Saturnus Terminator models. The squad can be armed with your choice of Power Claws or Energy Hammers and Shields. The leader can be built from multiple weapon and accessory options included (Sword, hammer, shield and/or various carapace-mounted Combi-weapons). Additional arms and weapons options are sold separately.

Sculpted by our Sanctioned Artist: KarnageKing.

Monkey Resin is a high-quality UV cured resin that will come attached to a support structure from the production process. The parts are however, pre-cleaned and ready for primer once removed. Use only super glue to adhere these parts to your models.

To remove the bits from their supports: submerge the whole assembly in water that is hot to the touch for 5 minutes. Use your fingernail to punch away several supports to create a starting point, and carefully peel your parts off of the remaining supports all together.

You can use a very fine-grit sandpaper if needed to smooth any surface or feature further. Always be sure to wear a mask when working around resin dust.

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