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Base : Rhayus Battle Tank Turret (shut)

Original price €46,95 - Original price €61,95
Original price
€46,95 - €61,95
Current price €46,95
The Rhayus-Pattern Battle Tank turret is designed to be a sleek, low-profile option for your Predator or Gladiator models. The "Open" refers to the reveal of the Defensive Missile Battery that is incorporated into the back of the turret, which our customer found is a great Havoc Launcher option. As you can imagine, the "Shut" variant has the missile hatch closed, which can be the better option if you don't want or can't utilize that weapon with your model.

This custom turret fits the standard turret plate of a Rhino/Predator model or with our Top-Hatch Turret Mount Component found under Vehicle accessories. This kit does not include a main weapon, but it does use the same 8mm x 2mm disc magnet mounting format, so you can use any of our Phobos turret weapon along with our Rhayus weapon options. This allow you to easily pick and, if needed change your weapon options as you wish.

Be Flexible and versatile with your more expensive vehicle kits with this and our other conversion parts.

Fine Detail Plastic (Tan, Clear, etc.) is an acrylic material capable of extremely high detail and contrast without the, sometimes, uneven nature of the previous printing process. Providing the finest layer height and most uniform printing process, this material is the best choice for 3D printed parts that meet the fine detail requirements of our hobby. Due to the nature of the material, thin and small parts can be brittle, so handle with care. However, some of the Clear Fine Detail parts can be more flexible. For all Fine Detail parts use super glue to adhere these parts to your models.

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