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PGTM Deploys to Adepticon 2023

Come visit me at Booth #923 in foyer to get your event exclusive mini, while supplies last. You could also display some of your models that feature a few PGTM parts for a chance to win some prizes.

We make it EASY to build and paint your best army.

Our store has thousands of custom bits and pieces to add just the right kind of "POP" to bring your theme to life.

Join Our Community

Consider joining our Discord Server, where you can chat with other gamers and influencers, request commissions from our sanctioned artists, share your wips and lore, sell or trade your old models, or evan get your chance at becoming a Monkey-verse Chapter Master.
PGTM Discord

Enter the Monkey-Verse!

After months of reorganization and development, I'm thrilled to finally welcome all of you to the New and Improved Pop Goes the Monkey.

Before the leagues, there was the Vegaram

The worlds at the galactic core are rich in rare and unique minerals, but unsuited for most life-forms. Gravity two or three times that of Earth is not the place for most, but it is where you'll find the Vegaram, commonly known as Squats by the Empireof Mankind.
Life is Short, but Grudges last Forever!

Does your Motorpool need an upgrade?

We have thousands of products to customize and upgrade your kits to get the most out of them. Most are easy to use swap-out bits and conversion kits that allow you some flexibility with your larger model kit purchases.
Vehicle Upgrades
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Join our Discord Server.

Forces of Chaos

Dees BITZ are Great LOOTIN!

We got tons of great orc bits and kits to make all your green-skin dreams come true. From full models and conversion kits to orc heads, weapons and glyphs.

See WHAAAAT we got!

Monkey-verse chapters

Find out how to get your home-brew chapter into the MONKEY-VERSE.
Monkey Resin 2.5

A less expencise material with great quality and durability.

Accesories / Scenery

Add just the right bit to your models, bases or battlefield.


Show off the pride you have in your army by dressing the part.

Empire of Mankind

Loyal Marine Legions & Chapters

Successor Collection Groups