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My conversion bits don't fit right

As you can imagine, many of my products have been in my store for years. Over that time, new GW and other manufactures release new products that sometime change the scale and proportions of their models.  So, even though my description for the product may lead you to believe it will fit properly I can't guarantee it will.

Please remember, my parts are conversion bits, not factory-fit glue ons. All product my require some level of hobby skill to make fit an/or look right.


Here are some tips that will help you out with some of the more common issues:

If the description says it "…will fit both the new and classic 28mm scale, space marine or chaos marine models." this is in reference to what is now know and Firstborn marines (Non-Primaris models between 2005 -2021). I will try to find a way to fix the descriptions on each product but, currently the only way I know currently is to do it by hand for each of my 4,000+ product. 


Hands on the melee weapons are too big for the new Mk6 Marines.

I will be making a new line of melee weapons specificly designed for the new Mk VI (G:6) marines. However this will take some time to complete, so here is what you can do to make them look better. 
My current hand is not that far off. Basically the problem is from the knuckles to the wrist, my hand is just a cylinder. It doesn’t taper which is causing the issue.
I had left the area intentionally thick when I first built it to allow you to shave the connection point to the wrist at the angle you wanted or needed to make your model look right. You can also taper it.
Use a hobby knife and shave that area down easily to make the transition more natural, and if needed add a small ball of green-stuff between the arm and hand.