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Happy 5th Anniversary to everyone at Play On Tabletop!

Check out the new products we created for the celebration

Dollar Back Deal

I'm giving you $1 back for each 3D Printed Item you buy, on orders over $50 this summer. Call your friends and put together a group order, or load up on custom parts for your next project. The more items you buy the bigger the savings.
Get $1 OFF each 3D Printed Item on Orders Over $50

We make it EASY to build and paint your best army.

Our store has thousands of custom bits and pieces to add just the right kind of "POP" to bring your theme to life.

Enter the Monkey-Verse!

Welcome to a NEWER version of Pop Goes the Monkey. Hold onto your bananas, there are more changes to come.
The Baron of Dice and PopGoestheMonkey® are working together to provide you with more ways to personalize your game.

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Consider joining our Discord Server, where you can chat with other gamers and influencers, request commissions from our sanctioned artists, share your wips and lore, sell or trade your old models, or evan get your chance at becoming a Monkey-verse Chapter Master.
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PGTM Army Showcase: Shadow Vipers

Thank you to everyone at PlayOn Tabletop!
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Stories from around the Monkey-verse

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    Pop Goes the Interview

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  • Play On Tabletop Army Showcase: Shadow Vipers.
    May 30, 2023 Matt Sweitzer

    Play On Tabletop Army Showcase: Shadow Vipers.

    This was an overall great experience with the team over at Playon Tabletop. You can see just what a great job they do putting together these video at the highest quality. I truly can't thank them enough. In this video you,...

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You provide a service we absolutely must have in this industry. We routinely use and recommend your products to our client's looking for a way to make their forces stand out on the tabletop.

Stiff Neck Studio

The quality of these bits always impresses me. The Brewguzzla's Buccaneers kit came out so beautifully it helped me secure #1 in Hobby Track for Kill Team at LVO 2023.

Emmanuel Mitsinikos

I just finished my Templar Conversion of the Primaris Dreadknought. I love my new and spiced-up dreadknought! Thanks for the awesome conversion kits.


You will not find a more diverse catalog of custom bits anywhere else. You have enough personalization parts to create any kind of army with any kind of theme.

Sparkiest Unicorn

I wanted to share the finished product with you for my Crimson Fists. Thanks for having such a great product!


Our Automated Production Policy

Our Automated Production Policy

Pop Goes the Monkey© only designs and promotes our products. We do not print them ourselves so, we are subject to production policies of our fulfillment partners.

The fact that each of our products are printed when you order them is the reason why we're able to offer so much variety. This makes it possible to offer thousands of unique products without the tremendous cost of carrying inventory.

However, this also means that we cannot combine, change, or cancel an order once it has been placed. The moment your order is processed on our site, it goes into an automated manufacturing queue at, sometimes multiple, third-party fulfillment companies. These partners print your products and ship them directly to you.

Our production partners do offer reprints, exchanges or refunds only if: there is an error made in the reproduction of the piece; you received the wrong item from what you ordered; or if the item you received is damaged or physically defective when you receive it. For more details see our Terms of Service.