Monkey Resin 2.0

Monkey has just gotten better, and Stronger! Monkey Resin 2.0 represents one of the biggest leaps in materials we've made yet and we're excited to make it a permanent part of the Pop Goes The Monkey material offering.

This material is gorilla-tough and the most resilient and flexible in our printed resins. Even after being repeatedly dropped and bent, this resin quickly returns to shape without breaking. The best part is that it prints at the same high-detail resolution of the original, capable of achieving detail down to 30 microns. 

Right now you're probably wondering how you can get this new material. As it turns out, you may already have products on their way! Monkey Resin 2.0 is now being rolled out to all Monkey Resin orders. Many are already in the mail. In fact, you may already have it in your hands even as you read this!