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15x Britommi Gasmask Hoods: Human Head Swaps

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The Britommi Regiment of the guard are know to be well trained to deal with gas and plague attacks, so they easily recognizable by their well-fitting gas masks and helmets.  Designed and sculpted by Froglin Minis, they were inspired by the British forces durring the first World War. 

These head swaps are designed to fit the new human Imperial Guard models* but, should work well with most any 28mm human-scale models, though opinions may vary. (Sold unpainted)

Fine Detail Plastic is an acrylic material capable of extremely high detail and is a popular choice for hobbyists creating scale models, miniature sets, and other decorative products. Although the surface can be uneven in color due to the nature of the printing process, after some light rinsing it take primer and paints up extremely well. Due to the nature of the material thin and small parts can break due to its brittleness, so handle with care. Use super glue to adhere these parts to your models.

*NOTE: Pop Goes the Monkey is not affiliated with Games Workshop Group PLC or its affiliates.  This product is not designed, manufactured, licensed or approved by Games Workshop Group PLC, and is not intended to include or infringe any intellectual property rights of Games Workshop Group PLC.  Please see our full Terms of Service for more information.