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4x Assorted Prime Med-Gauntlets (Right)

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Med-Gauntlets are welded by the specialized marines of the apothecary to adminitor medical aid to their fellow battle brothers or to recover their valuable genetic tissue. Our customer find they can work great as a narthecium.*

This set was designed to fit Primaris marine models. They are divided into upper arms (shoulder & bicep) and lower arms  which include the med-gauntlet. The two section that fit together to allow you to assemble a marine arm into various positions but, you could also just use the lower arms  if you wish. This set includes 3 gauntlets that incorporate the hand and one that does not, which allows the apothecary to wield an additional weapon or use a  hand of your choosing.

Fine Detail Plastic is an acrylic material capable of extremely high detail and is a popular choice for hobbyists creating scale models, miniature sets, and other decorative products. Although the surface can be uneven in color due to the nature of the printing process, after some light rinsing it take primer and paints up extremely well. Due to the nature of the material thin and small parts can break due to its brittleness, so handle with care. Use super glue to adhere these parts to your models.

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