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4x Mag Vexilla - Chaos:1 PACs

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The Mag Vexilla system utilizes two, 1/16" x 1/8" (2mm x 3mm) Cylinder Magnets, to affix the Vexilla  (banner) to the backpack (Vexilla sold separately). This allows you to remove it for safe transportation and storage, as well as allowing it to give a little instead of breaking if handled roughly. The Vexilla's also incorporates an area that allows you to attach one of our Flat Vehicle Insignia to neatly tie this model into the rest of your army. 

The magnets can be found on many retailers online but, I recommend my friends over at the Magnet Barron .

These, custom designed PACs (Personal Atomic Cores) are inspired to represent the standard Chaos Space Marine backpacks. Our customer find they work great for their standard chaos marines, as well as, Horus Heresy scale models. They are sold unpainted and meant to replace the backpacks of your Mark IV Space Marines or other 28mm marine models to enhance and personalize them. The raised emblem makes painting easier and ensures a consistent and uniform appearance for your army.*

Fine Detail Plastic (Tan, Clear, etc.) is an acrylic material capable of extremely high detail and contrast without the, sometimes, uneven nature of the previous printing process. Providing the finest layer height and most uniform printing process, this material is the best choice for 3D printed parts that meet the fine detail requirements of our hobby. Due to the nature of the material, thin and small parts can be brittle, so handle with care. However, some of the Clear Fine Detail parts can be more flexible. For all Fine Detail parts use super glue to adhere these parts to your models.

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