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Blank : 105mm Low-Profile Oval Bases

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This low-profile, round base is 105mm long by 70mm wide by 2mm tall. There are seven mounts evenly distributed on the underside of the base. They will allow you to securely glue up to six, 8 x 1mm or 8 x 1.5mm magnets, for those who magnetize their models for transport and storage. These mounts also provide support for the surface above.

Our customer find that these bases can be used for the Titanic Engines or other large models for many 6-8mm game system (like Epic, Titanicus or Legions Imperalis*). They could also provide a slimmer option for some of your 28-32mm scale models like walkers and skimmers or other obscure and unique models.

Black PA12  is nylon plastic with excellent strength and durability. It has a matte and slightly grainy finish, which allow it to take Acrylic paint without a need for a primer coat. The base material is dark grey, but during the finishing process it is vapor smoothed and dyed to a rich black color. This gives the final product a smooth and slightly glossy finish. We recommend using super glue to adhere parts to this material.

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