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Plague-Herd Beastman : Ishmaal

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$18.99 - $21.99
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The Plague-Herd is devoted to the grandfather of death and disease. These Beastmen have blistered and broken hides that are marked with all the favors of their patron god, yet they retain a morbid vitality and abhuman brutality. Their ancestors may have once been genetically engineered humans, but there are no traces of such humanity anymore. Whatever their true origins, there is no doubt that the Chaos Powers look upon these creatures with special favor as the herds chant their praises across the galaxy. 

This is a one piece model that was sculpted by Freelance Artist: Anton Skripal. It stands roughly 30mm tall  and does not include a base. Additional beastmen models are sold separately.

Fine Detail Plastic (Tan, Clear, etc.) is an acrylic material capable of extremely high detail and contrast without the, sometimes, uneven nature of the previous printing process. Providing the finest layer height and most uniform printing process, this material is the best choice for 3D printed parts that meet the fine detail requirements of our hobby. Due to the nature of the material, thin and small parts can be brittle, so handle with care. However, some of the Clear Fine Detail parts can be more flexible. For all Fine Detail parts use super glue to adhere these parts to your models.

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