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Small Tournament Medal : Blank Halo Skull

Original price $15.99 - Original price $80.99
Original price
$15.99 - $80.99
Current price $15.99
Medal Size: Roughly 1.5 inches Wide (3.8 cm)
Ribbon Size Required: 1 Inch (2.54 cm) - Not Included

Attention Tournament Organizers!!! …Are you looking for a way to add some POP to your awards, without much effort but, still faithfully represent the hobby we know and love? Then try this customizable tournament medal which you can add your own artwork and/or a bit of copy to personalize each medal you order. Also, available in a variety of materials it will surely fit your style and budget. Simply add a ribbon and a safety pin for a unique Breast Medal or just a long bit a ribbon for around the neck. 

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